AIGA Eye on Design turns a well trained eye on the best new work from the world’s leading emerging and established designers. We love design, and try to do it justice without taking it all too seriously.

Eye on Design is published as part of AIGA, the professional association for design, the oldest and largest not-for-profit membership organization for design in the United States—with 71 chapters and more than 26,000 members.

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Perrin Drumm

Emily Gosling

Madeleine Morley

James Cartwright

Sophia Ahn

Ruth Jamieson

Angela Riechers

Luc Benyon

Nicholas Prakas

Scott Kirkwood

Margaret Andersen

Susan Merritt

Jude Stewart

Margaret Rhodes

Liz Stinson

Laura Bolt

Lilly Smith

Rob Alderson


Ellen Himelfarb

Justin Zhuang

Anne Quito

Jacob Denno

Jeremy Leslie

Bryn Smith

Molly Heintz

Steven Brower

The Poster Boys

Sara Distin

Dave Benton


Steven Watson

Rebecca Bedrossian

Lisa Hassell

Emma Tucker

Gemma O’Brien

Karan Singh

Alex Trochut

Anthony Burrill

Kimberlie Birks

Adam France

Lauren Palmer

Alejandro López Becerro

The Designers Foundry



Ales Santos

Angelynn Grant

Animaux Circus


MGMT. design

Alexander Wright

André Beato

Anna Frederick

Annica Lydenberg

Björn Berglund

Craig Black

Cristina Vasquez

Dan Hoopert

Emily Potts

Fabian de Lange

Gianni Clifford

Giovanni Marinovich

OCD | The Original Champions of Design

Jessica Wong Cruickshank

Kate Pullen

Kit Palaskas

Kyle Wilkinson

Marianna Fierro

Mario De Meyer

Mark van Leeuwen

Martina Flor

Melissa Deckert

Melvin Leidelmeijer

Michael Mason

Mira Yuna

Nicole Licht

Nim Ben-Reuven


Oscar Bolton Green


Patrick Fennessy

Rafa Goicoechea

Raul Alejandro

Ricardo Gonzalez

Roberto Montani

Sazan Pasori

Scotty Russell

Shahin Haghjou

Sinem Erkas

Spencer Harrison

Steven Wilson

Thy Doan

TienMin Liao

Todd Wendorff

Tom Lane

Victor Bregante

Zuri Negrin

Álvaro Jaimes

Eduardo Dosuá

Mariano Fiore

Matti Vandersee

Miriam Persand

Jose Soul

Kristina Nikaj

Iván Castro

Daniel Aristizábal Arias

Erik Kirtley

Mr. Zyan

Aidan Gooding Donoghue

Baimu Studio

Yarza Twins

Meni Chatzipanagiotou

Carly Fairbank

Flavia Zimbardi

Bianca Wendt

Sebastian Villabona

Ana Gómez Bernaus

Haruka Aoki



Igor Bastidas


Joan Ramon Pastor