Every Friday we raise a glass to celebrate some of the best new boozy bottles to hit store shelves. Today we’re suiting up for the annual AIGA Awards Gala, when the design community comes out to toast the 2016 AIGA Medalists and their incredible achievements. To match the evening’s gorgeous black and gold identity, created by your favorite book cover designer Rodrigo Corral, we’re taking our booze game to glitzy new heights.

The 1-Pack, by 1 Trick Pony
Have you ever gently tugged a present from its wrapping in an attempt to salvage the paper? Then don’t even think about imbibing this special 11th anniversary brew, which has been “obsessively branded,” our favorite level of packaging dedication. Every detail, from the “have a good one” box to the sleek cans, looks (almost) too good to be sacrificed in the name of happy hour.
(Via The Dieline)

Decibel, by Grantipo
We love great beats and refreshing bubbles, but we’re a little doubtful of the effect of sound waves to “catalyse the fermentation process of the yeasts” in the caves of Champagne. Still, it seems like a moot point with an elegant rebranding that has us hooked on the contemporary play of geometric lines with the class glam of gold.
(Via Packaging of the World)

A&C Trautwein, by ADDA Studio
Though we’ll be soaking in the sights with the Principal’s shimmering, immersive installations at the AIGA Gala tonight, this abstract rendering of a vineyard still manages to induce a fair amount of FOMO. The simple tapestry of the gold foil lines are just enough inspiration to set our imagination running with images of bucolic, rolling hills.
(Via Packaging Design Served)

Atlas Peak, by Force & Form
Like a tranquil vista of a sweeping desert—with nothing in sight except a picturesque palm tree at an oasis—this label pares it all down to a few graphic elements. We love that the clean label manages to translate the mountain vineyard from which this wine originates, and captures that serene feeling you get from both atop sand dunes and mountaintops.