If you’ve been lucky enough to visit the Fundació Joan Miró in Barcelona, no doubt you remember the building as vividly as you do the artist’s bold, bright paintings and sculptures it houses. The architecture struck a chord with London studio Mucho, too, who borrowed architect Josep Lluis Sert’s bold forms in their campaign for the foundation’s 40th anniversary.


Mucho’s major concern was covering a lot of ground with a brand identity that includes environmental graphics, video, and lots of print materials, without mimicking Miró’s own style too closely nor riffing too heavily on the foundation’s preexisting corporate identity—all while creating “a campaign capable of relating the center with the people of Barcelona through relevant dates of the last 40 years.”

So Mucho turned to Sert’s heavy, monochromatic, treated concrete structure, which sits in stark contrast to Miró’s favored red, blue, yellow, and black color palette, as well as the other prominent work on view inside by artists like Magritte, Rothko, and Calder. “Its characteristic skylights are the perfect base to generate a typographical modular system,” Mucho explains, which “was important not only as a solution to the logo, but also to compose the key dates of the campaign.”

The result is a logomark that’s both iconic and unobtrusive, perfectly in tune with the foundation and the building without calling too much attention to itself. We can also see it being easily updated for subsequent anniversaries, as there’s no doubt the foundation will have more to celebrate in five, 10, and 20 years time, too.