Where Designers Work is an ongoing series that meets designers in their studios to see how they create a space that lets them do their best work. We’ve visited a wide range of studios in Berlin, London, and all over the U.S. to speak with designers at small, two-person outfits to some of the biggest agencies and design offices in the world. And if we’ve learned anything so far it’s that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach.


Hugo & Marie is something of a rare bird: it’s both a creative studio, turning out some of the most exciting digital work for an impressive roster of clients, many of which are in the fashion (Gucci, Nike, Stella McCartney) and music industry, (Interscope Records, Lorde, Rihanna)—but it’s also a proper artist agency that represents some of our absolute favorite people in existence, like Lernert & Sander, Hvass & Hannibal, and Merijn Hos. Our heads exploded just trying to figure out how they handle it all, but founders Mario Hugo and Jennifer Gonzalez are surprisingly laid back about the crazy level of success they’ve already achieved and the rapid growth of their business. Clearly, cooler heads prevail.

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