Each week we invite a designer to illustrate five of his or her favorite quotes by famous creatives. This week OCD brought us:

  • Massimo Vignelli: “I would go to the Pope and say, ‘Your holiness, the logo is O.K., but everything else has to go.'”
  • Paul Rand: “The history of the typographic arts in America is the history of a struggle between craftsman and creative artist, between common sense and sentimentality, tradition and progress, prejudice and tolerance.”
  • Paula Scher: “Identities are the beginning of everything. They are how something is recognized and understood. What could be better than that?”
  • Armin Hoffman: “Another reason for my interest in the use of black-and-white in design lies in my intense preoccupation with the forms and analysis of signs and symbols.”
  • Lance Wyman: “Iconography is like poetry. If you change one word in a poem, you screw it up.”