Every Friday afternoon we raise a glass with the packaging design experts at The Dieline and celebrate some of the best new boozy bottles to hit the shelves. Today we’re drinking:

Buen Suceso, by Futura
Cinco de Mayo is still a month away, but this mezcal has us ready for a celebration with a Mexican bent. The radiant colors channel the country’s mesmerizing textiles, while the wild geometric shapes remind us of the spiky agave plant, the source of this handcrafted liquor. But as the playful pattern suggests, the fun doesn’t start until you get in the bottle.

Hen’s Teeth Wine, by Jordan Metcalf and Voice Design
Finally, there’s a perfect wine for that lettering fan in your life. Right in step with the recent hand-lettering revolution, the design for Hen’s Teeth Wine is putting a bold spotlight on an even bolder custom lettering job. The gold foil lines against the matte black bottle bring depth and richness to the otherwise nondescript packaging.

Soreq Winery, by Annie Selby Brand Design
As a boutique winery that houses Israel’s leading winemaking courses, Soreq Winery is all about legacy. Thankfully, these bottles translate its esteemed reputation with only a few strokes of gold foil, which balance out the text-heavy description on the back of the bottle. And that’s not even the subtlest detail. Look closely and you’ll notice aged wines are embossed with a regal seal—a beautiful alternative to color-coded labels.