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Classic Syrups, Colorful Beer Bottles, Millennial-friendly Scotch + Wines Fit For a Champion

Ah, summer—the perfect time to crack open a bottle or two a little earlier than usual. Don’t feel guilty, though. These four stellar boozy designs are more than reason enough to justify an early happy hour. Read on, as always, for this month’s best in booze branding.

Motel Minibar Beer, Marie Stadelmann

What does beer have in common with a motel? Honestly, not much. But new Berlin-based beer brand, Motel Minibar, is making the case nonetheless. Started by an American, Canadian, and a Swiss creative director, the brew is designed to evoke the warn, vintage atmosphere of classic roadside motels. Creative director Marie Stadelmann crafted labels that center around gauzy complimentary colors and bold shapes to create a brand that in her words feels “simple and clear” and “comfortable and welcoming” like a motel should be.

Taller Wines, Hula

On the face of it, wine has little to do with boxing culture. Care for a glass of chardonnay while the man in the ring gets gut punched? And yet, Taller Wines makes it work. Designed by Spanish studio Hula, the red and white wines have a gilded label on one side and a grainy photo of boxers on the other. Sugar ‘Ray’ Robinson emblazons the white while Jake Lamotta is plastered on the red.

Italian Spritz Cocktail Syrups, W&P Design

We’re suckers for classic bottle design, and these cobalt blue beauties filled with cocktail syrups fit the bill. Culinary shop W&P Design crafted the bottles with bright sans serif text that pops against the semi-opaque blue glass. The white screw on caps give the bottles a delightfully old-school look, as if you could swing by the corner dime store and grab a bottle for the weekend.

15 Grams, Biles Hendry

Scotch, the fusty uncle to whiskey, has lost some of its luster for the younger set. To reinvigorate the youth’s love affair with the booze, design agency Biles Hendry came up with a new concept for a range of blended scotch whiskeys that cater to the millennial palette. Called 15 Grams, the flavored whiskeys use sans serif type foiled in bronze to give the bottles a modern yet classic feel. Is it enough to lure the young ’uns back to the peaty embrace of scotch? Only a few tumblers of booze will tell.

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