Fuseproject, for San Francisco art foundation 500 Capp Street

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This week I…


…am immediately, and perhaps unsurprisingly attracted to the bold graphic elements and familiar color palette in artist Michalis Pichler’s Untitled (Mondrian) series, made by overlaying fragments of Piet Mondrian paintings on top of found illustrations of modernist architecture and furniture, which are then printed to the scale of Mondrian’s original. (On view at Printed Matter for the next month.)

…find NPR’s report on the rise and fall of the paper industry frankly pretty fascinating, but can’t understand how they could just drop in this juicy nugget and not say more: China, a.k.a. the birthplace of paper, is apparently staying way ahead of the market by developing “genetically modified trees that grow as much as 10 times as fast as natural trees.” Whaaaat?


…wonder who’s using the new typeface based on President Obama’s own handwriting, and, more importantly, what they’re using it for.


…get to know the way illustrator Christoph Niemann works (he’s the guy behind the great summery cover of that New Yorker on your coffee table) and why social media has forced him to clean up his act in his Berlin studio.

…will from now on direct all visiting family and friends crashing on my inflatable mattress to the “Designer’s Guide to New York City,” excellently designed and curated by Hyperakt. And I’ll probably definitely use it myself once more neighborhoods, including my beloved Greenpoint, are added later this summer.

Snøhetta, for the International Museum of Children’s Art in Oslo
Snøhetta, for the International Museum of Children’s Art in Oslo

…am charmed by Fuseproject and Snøhetta, two design firms known for big, splashy projects like the Jawbone or Norway’s currency, respectively, who both quietly released two brand identity projects with major graphic design appeal. Fuseproject took on San Francisco art foundation 500 Capp Street (at very top) and Snøhetta did the interior and branding for the International Museum of Children’s Art in Oslo.


…add another title to my Amazon wish list. This time it’s One Thing Leads to Another by Portland, Oregon graphic designer and illustrator Dan Stiles, who balances his commercial projects with “eye-popping, overprinted” poster work for some of the best musicians of our day. Flipping through his work for bands like The XX and Sonic Youth almost makes me want to brave the crazy summer music festival crowds this summer. Almost.