Hardy, by Wade Jeffree

One of the perks of being the managing editor at AIGA is spending my mornings reading design stories and calling it “work.” But not everyone gets to (or wants to) peruse RSS feeds like it’s their job. Consider this a hit list (as well as a few things you may have missed) of the most interesting things I’ve and seen, read and watched this week. You can follow along every other day, too, on Instagram @AIGAdesign and on Twitter @AIGAdesign.

This week I…

…giggle over the promo for Hardy (above), the new typeface from recent Design Envy curator and Sagmeister & Walsh designer Wade Jeffree.

…type message after message to myself like a crazy person on Commercial Type’s new showcase site, a brilliant way to display its typefaces with the added bonus that everything you write instantly looks awesome and important.

…follow the rise and fall of Adobe’s Trajan from Roman stonework to our computer screens 2,000 years later. Like a good child, the typeface has mostly been seen and not heard, but some historians are saying it’s time to give “the new Helvetica” its long overdue moment in the sun.

…am not the only one who wanted to know way more about A23D, the 3D-printed letterpress typeface that left mouths gaping last week. Now you can ogle some totally SFW font porn in this wonderfully in-depth video, but if you want to skip the geeky bits jump ahead to minute 8:00 to watch the letters come to life.

…tag along with T Magazine as they visit New Orleans’ Baskerville Studio, where they’re printing up a storm with digitally designed polymer plates on antique machinery for a cleaned up Hatch Show Print look.

…make a date with my new afternoon coffee companion, Magazine Wall, a Tumblr that’s like a waterfall on your desktop of the best new magazine covers. Get ready to zone out.

…navigate the city with only my nose, thanks to “multisensory artist and designer” Kate McClean, whose smell maps chart a course based on the various scents found around town. She says I’ll know New York by its “episodic” stink of the “warm, musty smell that comes from the cellar.” Ahh, there’s no place like home.

…give the whole reading-comics-as-an-adult thing another shot now that Chris Ware’s interactive graphic novella has been serialized by The Gaurdian.

…predict the coming of a rebellion against “the church of Apple” after reading so. damn. many rants critiques by notable designers who feel the tech giant is just churning out one generic device after another in attempt to appease the masses, instead of what they used to do: tell us what we needed before we knew we did.

…get extra psyched for my upcoming trip to San Sebastian (a.k.a. the foodie capital of western Europe) after reading that given the choice, Anthony Bourdain would gladly eat his last meal there. If you’re looking for me next week I’ll be roving the beaches of northern Spain in a pinxtos-induced stupor.

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