Every Friday afternoon we raise a glass to celebrate some of the best new boozy bottles to hit store shelves. Today we honor the mayhem that is festival season in the classiest way possible—with electrifying designs, neon hues, and outside-the-box packaging. House music is optional.

To Øl brewery, by Kasper Ledet
Meet the most alternative beer packaging ever. In the style of record sleeves that adopt a different look for each release, these digital renderings reject standard printing and label formats and opt for individuality over cohesion. The contemporary designs, unique to each bottle, swing wildly from emojis to floral prints to bold political statements (bold enough to warrant censoring in certain countries). After all, is there any beer more festival-appropriate than one that sticks it to the man?
(Via Packaging of the World)

Two Prophets, by Aaron-Harper Lee
Nothing says “party” quite like Mexican moonshine. The bright neon pinks and yellows, plus the pairs of shot glasses complete the vibe. But our favorite part is the ingenious, sustainable packaging, made with common materials in an uncommon way. It’s so beautiful, we’re tempted to make room for the box on our bookshelf.
(Via Lovely Package)

The Carry-on Cocktail Kit, by W&P Design and PUNCH
I think we can all agree that the best kind of liquor is the kind you can take with you anywhere. This tiny tin case miraculously holds all the ingredients for an Old Fashioned—including a linen coaster and a spoon/muddler for the respectable tippler on the move. Although this week’s design roundup features mostly bold and eye-catching bottles, we love the simplicity of this cocktail kit, which is discreet enough to pass through TSA.
(Via The Dieline)

Wild & Free Brewing Company, by Alan McNamara
For a brewing company with a name like “Wild and Free,” we expected anything but these regal yet simple designs. The hand-drawn, flowing illustrations of the fierce animals offer a heavy dose of “wild” and “free” that’s on par with the majesty of The Lion King.
(Via Packaging of the World)