Every Friday afternoon we raise a glass with the packaging design experts at The Dieline and celebrate some of the best new boozy bottles to hit the shelves. Today we’re drinking:

Lefkadia Premium, by DDVB
You don’t have to be up on your Greek myths to be on friendly terms with the god of wine and good times, Dionysus, who’s also the source of inspiration for the antique aesthetic on these labels. We’re not usually fans of overly illustrative work, but the line work here is really excellent, and we appreciate how the intricate drawings also highlight the god’s grisly side, depicting both the “light” and “dark” aspects of Dionysus’ character. Plus, the ribbons, wax seals, and textured, off-white paper evoke that ancient feel–a plus when you’re pushing a product that only gets better with age.

Creature Comforts, by Young Athenians
Though the designers at Young Athenians (based out of Athens, Georgia, not Greece) are lucky enough to work right down the street from Creative Comforts Brewing Co., their packaging design for the brewery’s six-packs seem to span the whole continent, from the sun-soaked Golden Coast to the rustic Midwest. Personally, we love all the Easter eggs hidden in their whimsical designs, like the tiny figure floating on the water on Tropicália, or one of the beer’s ingredients appearing as the “band” playing tonight on Athena, and the painstakingly hand-drawn hardwood pattern on Reclaimed Rye to “capture the feel of the reclaimed wood inside the brewery tasting room.”

Vinery Chateau Rúbaň, by PERGAMEN
Flat, featureless lands don’t exactly sound like a source of design inspiration, and yet this Slovakian vineyard managed to tap into the hidden beauty of its southern geography for a clean, minimalist label. The illustrations on the textured paper are all about delicate yet meticulous details—from the meandering horse to the couple racing on a motorcycle. All we want to do is rotate the bottle round and round to watch the tiny figures walk, bike, and drive peacefully on an endless loop.

Kentish Pip, by Kingdom & Sparrow
We’re always down for a sleek and minimalist label, but it’s not really the right tone for a small family-run cider producer. Can you really imagine a name like “Kentish Pip” printed on a monochromatic bottle? Instead, designers Kingdom & Sparrow turned to hand-drawn illustrations and hand-lettered type to convey a playful yet authentic feel for this craft cider. The bold, contrasting colors really make the detailed illustrations pop for each flavor’s personality, from refreshing elderflower to cozy ginger cider.