Every Friday we raise a glass to celebrate some of the best new boozy bottles to hit store shelves. This week, it’s a face-off between beers and wines. Now how does that saying go about beer before wine? Or is it wine before beer?

Vocation Craft Lager, by Robot Food

Up in Leeds, northern England, dwells an improbably-named but charming little agency called Robot Food. For one of its latest projects, it’s been busy creating some neon-daubed and striking designs for craft lager brand Vocation. The agency’s aim was to give lager back some of the recognition that its trendier cousin, ale, has  enjoyed over recent years.

“Lager has been out of the spotlight for a while due to the raised interest in specialist and craft ales, but discerning beer drinkers are beginning to appreciate the subtle complexities of pilsner, and the care and attention needed to brew a good one,” says Robot Food, which initially worked on the positioning and naming of the brand back in 2015. The new designs are based around the theme “crisp and fresh.” Robot Food explains: “Against a clean white background which captures the lager’s fresh flavors, we added bright neon flashes of spray can paint. These slashes of vibrancy encapsulate the brand’s distinctive character and also differentiate the Pure Pilsner, Yakima Pilsner and Dirty Pilsner.”

Jake Busching Wines, by Watermark

Jake Busching Wines, by Watermark

Hailing from Charlottesville, in Virginia, the folks over at Watermark have created some rather unusual bottle labels that look to amplify the already relaxing powers of wine through a color palette that reflects “an organic and calming quality to the product.” The painterly vertical marks on the label are reflected in its shape, which uses a subtle cutout that echoes the pattern itself. “Like wine dripping down the barrel during pressing, the texture across the label draws you in without distracting with type,” says Watermark.

Eat 17 Craft Beer, by Together Design 

North East London store Eat 17 made a name for itself with its bacon jam a few years back—a product that either sounds utterly vile or utterly irresistible, depending on the individual. Either way, from the loins that bore the jam now comes a craft beer, designed by London agency Together Design. The agency has worked with Eat 17 since 2012, and used an illustrative approach in the beer labeling project showing people enjoying a drink and aiming to “reflect the welcoming, relaxed atmosphere that Eat 17 are well known for” as well as using bold colors to stand out against other craft beers.

Packaging for Vostinic Klasnic Wines by Size Agency

Vostinic’s Klasnic Wines, by Size Agency 

Despite its capacity to get even the most strait-laced of us tiddly before you can say “dessert menu,” wine packing often veers towards the serious. That’s why Aussie design consultancy Size Agency decided to go for something a little more lighthearted in its new look for Vostinic’s Klasnic Wines. “Wine label design is moderately conservative,” says Size. “That’s why we created something different, a design system composed of basic graphic elements—geometrical shapes and colors. Instead of designing just one label we constructed a design system for their whole product mix, labels that would be impactful both as a group and individually. Each label tells a story of the wine inside, about the geographical position, aromas, and other characteristics.”

It’s beer before wine, folks. Never forget!