Every Friday afternoon we raise a glass to celebrate some of the best new boozy bottles to hit store shelves. Today we’re emerging from our cozy speakeasy bars to serve up some al fresco freshness for the summer. Let’s drink to official patio, pier, and general outdoor boozing season with nautical brews, crisp rice wine, and some funky bottle opener-inspired type.

Talas, by Anti
We’ve seen typography take on all kinds of muses (just look at “Alphaboobies”), but this is the first time we’ve seen a typeface crafted in the image and likeness of bottle openers. Inspired by its ability to get the beer (and conversation) flowing, this funky, chunky type pairs well with refreshing pastel colors for a bright and summery design. Plus, it comes with the most elegant bottle opener we’ve ever seen.
(Via Branding Served)

Across the Vineyard, by STUDIOJQ
True to its tagline “we just <3 simplicity,” STUDIOJQ proves wine packaging can lose the ornate label design without losing its authority. Its wine collection achieves the golden ratio of modern and classic with simple type and a delicate color palette that balances the bold, abstract imagery. The collection of matte white bottles have an overall look that’s cool, clean, and ready to elevate any outdoor watering hole.
Packaging Design Served)

Belgian Beers, by Ján Bača
Looking for the perfect poolside or beachfront beer? Let us introduce you to the Orval brew. After a chic redesign, the bottle now sports a nautical theme (sans cliché anchor symbols) that has us reveling in mellow, vacation vibes. The wavy design—from the label’s shape to the gradient blue waves—are soothing to the point of hypnotic, while the geometric type grounds the dreamy packaging with crisp lines and structure.
(Via Packaging of the World)

O/O Brewing, by Lundgren Lindqvist
It’s no surprise that our summer drinking list features a lot of cool white labels, but this high-end beer goes the opposite route with dark, slender bottles that bring more focus to the high-contrast explosion of decadent hues. The highlighter tones look surprisingly rich yet light enough to bring extra vibrancy to our sunny happy hour. We also appreciate that the wordy label inscription takes a back seat to that sweet, clean grid.
(Via Packaging Design Served)

Rice Wine, by Rice Creative
Rice bags aren’t usually what we’d call “chic” but this refreshing wine packaging has us rethinking the humble dry goods sack. The woven Oxford paper stock reminds us of roughhewn fabric, but it’s still light and translucent enough to keep focus on the contents of the Vietnamese rice wine. Top it off with a simple system of light, medium, and bold typeface weights, and the pristine design manages to convey traditional and organic winemaking processes without a gritty, earthy look.
(Via The Dieline)