Every Friday we raise a glass to celebrate some of the best new boozy bottles to hit store shelves. This weekend we find ourselves falling down the rabbit hole of quirky, dreamy, and charmingly strange packaging design. And despite the childhood trauma of watching Alice in Wonderland we now understand why she took all those ill-advised sips from unknown bottles—especially when they look this irresistible.

Hellstrøm Juleaquavit, by Olssøn Barbieri
What happens when the bubbly charm of Alice in Wonderland meets the weather-worn design of Jumanji? This surprisingly contemporary bottle, inspired by the ancient Norwegian calendar stick, maintains its mythical aesthetic while the molecule-structure pattern, paired with the clean type and light touch of gold and pastel pink, brings a refreshingly modern aesthetic to the archaic muse.
(Via Packaging Design Served)

Saint 252, by Studio Schoch
This limited-edition gin could pass for a high-end perfume bottle or a deadly elixir—neither of which should ever be imbibed—and yet we find ourselves craving a sip. The hand-crafted, tinted bottles combine the shine of gloss, glitter of gold, and the rich matte black canvas for a crisp yet mysterious design. The pared-down look has us convinced that short, dark, and sexy is how we should be taking our gin from now on.
(Via Packaging of the World)

Telavera Tequilas, by Hanny Hart Design
If there’s such a thing as understated caricatures (or understated tequila, for that matter) this must be it. Design student Hannah Hart combined the classic craftsmanship of Mexican pottery with an illustration of Mayan gods for a refined yet quirky package. By balancing the detail-heavy caricatures with a simple black-and-white color scheme, the overall look is clean and chic. Plus, the ample white space allows drinkers to admire the potion-like curves of the ceramic vessel.
(Via Lovely Package)

Gillemore, by skinn branding agency
Sometimes less is more, especially in the case of mysterious, otherworldly gin where intrigue is part of the package. The simple and iconic “dizzy sign” logo and “abracadabra” spells out hypnotic themes, while the matte black bottle deepens the mystery. Lastly, the beaker-shaped bottle adds an extra flair to earn this design a spot on the magical potions shelf, no dry ice needed.
(Via The Dieline)