Every Friday we raise a glass to celebrate some of the best new boozy bottles to hit store shelves. Today we’re inspiring our inner “maker” with a minimalism detox. Let’s go beyond the trend of clean, pared down visuals to explore ripped, torn, dripping, and gloriously messy packaging designs.

Yes& IPA, by 72U
It’s a designer’s worst nightmare: your hard work is finally produced and it looks like “a sixth-grade splatter paint project.” Thankfully creativity blossoms in trying times, and 72U overcame a potentially expensive, failed project by sanding down the childish patterns. The final look is a grittier design that works as hard as the design team behind it.
(Via HOW)

Tinta De Vi, by Ladyssenyadora
Speaking of a detox, is anyone ready for a digital detox? Let’s put down our cursors and indulge in some old-school screenprinting. The handmade label, individually created with a specially-brewed “wine ink,” is the perfect way to scratch our crafting/DIY itch.
(Via The Dieline)

Niño Huracán, by PUPILA ESTUDIO
There’s a new typeface that’s blown into town, with a wildly stretched and warped look. Though vaguely reminiscent of Anagrama’s horror identity, this whirlwind typography is more “stormy” than “spooky” with an unrestrained system that infuses our happy hour with defiantly experimental forms and a rebellious spirit to boot.

Messy Masters Vineyard, by Rosie Gopaul
Part modern art, part ink spill, this design brings elegance to a potentially directionless splotch. The bleeding effect from the artfully directed strokes and dripping paint create a gorgeously imperfect look that defies an overly-polished aesthetic. Plus, it really brings out the otherwise unnoticeable texture of the bottle.