Every Friday we raise a glass to celebrate some of the best new boozy bottles to hit store shelves. This week, we’re set on satiating our inner astronomy nerd after seeing approximately 0% of the epic Perseid meteor shower yesterday (thank you, light pollution). Join us in our countdown until the next big celestial event with dreamy, starry, and even meteorite-aged packaging that marries Neil deGrasse Tyson and contemporary design—two of our favorite topics.

CSILLAG Winery, by Geri Osgyán
Although the labels eschew the stereotypical five-pointed star, the pared-down design manages to fill our head with a sky full of stars. With a handful of dotted lines, the age-old method of illustrating constellations, the simple rendering achieves surprising beauty with its mesmerizing geometry. Once you get past the landscape of overlapping lines, the typeface caught our eye with a sophisticated look that channels the mystique of alien codes—except it’s 100% more legible.
(Via The Dieline)

Orionte Liqueur Wine, by Marcos Cruz
While the previous design was a striking map to the stars, this label is more like a nebulous cloud of light particles too numerous to chart—an image that transports us to a tranquil, star-lit night in a pastoral countryside. The Milky Way-inspired look of the letterforms captures the brain-numbingly vast galaxy, while the hazy outlines also help soften the super-bold type. Plus, we love how the stacked letterforms reinforce the image of a hill with the “O” at the pinnacle and a missing chunk hidden behind the silhouette of a grassy knoll.
(Via The Dieline)

Moonlight Upon the Helan Mountain, by Pesign Design
There’s a reason sunsets are so Instagram-able—people seem to never tire of the warm, ever-changing shades the sky adopts during that magical hour between dawn to dusk. Although a high-contrast black-and-white color palette seems like an obvious choice for a night sky, the gradient of these saturated hues offer a more ethereal effect that seems to capture the mood right as the stars start blinking on.
(Via Packaging of the World)

Meteorito, by Sylvain Drolet
So apparently meteorite-aged wine is a real thing, and the label basically looks like an old sheet of papyrus stuck onto the bottle. One designer boldly took on the challenge of redesigning the literally out-of-this-world wine, because who says a 4.5-billion-year-old meteorite has to look dated? The clean type with the rounded edges complements the cool slate-colored bottle with a similarly light and sleek feel—plus, we’re digging how the 2D frame gives the meteorite a 3D look.