Every Friday we raise a glass to celebrate some of the best new boozy bottles to hit store shelves. As we begin and end each day by swimming through a sea of faceless black puffer coats and even blacker slush (welcome to the city commute), we’re beginning to wonder if the world’s been recalibrated to grayscale. Before the holiday and New Year’s festivities bring our color and sparkle out from hibernation, join us by overdosing on saturated, pigment-rich gins and wines.

Pineut Teun Jenever, by Rachel Sender
Sideways sleet and snow would be bearable if it looked this soothing. The playful pattern of citrus wedges and sweeping brush strokes imbues this all-in-one Dutch gin mixer with practicality and beauty—the best kind of present.

La Sonrisa de Tares, by Neosbrand
How do you draw the line between mousy brown and a rich brown that embodies a wine’s terroir? Try literal lines. Instead of a boring, bland mush, the strong geometric structure has us dreaming of early spring and its pale greens, soft yellows, and yes, even soothing browns.

ClemenGold Gin, by Fanakalo
When the trees are stripped of their leafy greens and everything feels a little stark, let’s dream of California with its blue skies and ripe oranges. This botanical pattern is so lush it’s almost tropical—a.k.a., the perfect winter gin.

Ostras Pedrín, by Pixelarte
A superhero-themed wine sounds pretty tacky, but this 1950s adventure comic-themed wine is crisp, rebellious, and nerdy in all the right ways. The vintage color scheme, mixed with the contemporary treatment, is enough to kick even my apathetic millennial butt into gear. Who else is ready to go choose their own adventure in 2017?