Every Friday we raise a glass to celebrate some of the best new boozy bottles to hit store shelves. This week we’re indulging both our wanderlust and lazy summer lounging with desert-inspired packaging that proves there’s more to the arid landscape than dirt and tumbleweeds. Who needs an oasis when you can soak up summer with these warm sun-bleached tones?

Maison Orcia, by Benoit Challand and Benjamin Guedj
Anyone who says deserts are a wasteland has never experienced them as the landscape transitions from day to night. From brilliant white sands, to saturated orange afternoons, to the navy night sky, this wine manages to capture all three otherworldly sceneries in one geometric design. Plus, the rosé from the same collection rounds out the theme with a gorgeous, dusty earth tone.

Kabinet Brewery’s Melisa Beer, by Valentina Brković
If you haven’t found a good summer beer yet, let us introduce you to the deconstructed, boozy version of Seven Magic Mountains. Channeling the whimsical outdoor art installation, currently marking a spot 10 miles from the neons of Las Vegas, we’re all about these floating shapes that combine flowing forms and craggy edges. So… anyone up for a 10-mile detour during the 2016 AIGA Design Conference in Las Vegas?

Savi and Aquí, by Maria Babia, Mario Montull Buil, ElisavaPack, Isbert Design
No discussion about deserts is complete without mentioning the surreal sand dunes, with their shifting, wind-sculpted shapes. Instead of sand and winds, this packaging relies on a more modern method of 3D-printed molds and rich paper stock for a tactile design that nevertheless transports us to those soothing etchings and grooves in the sand.

Vertzamo Wines, by Noon Design
Instead of lush green landscapes to depict its seaside spot, we love how this Greek wine turns to ancient ruins, classic patterns, and seashells for a more geometric rendering. Yet we love the conceptual label most for its ability to bring to life natural elements like rays of sunshine, ocean currents, and the golden glimmer of the horizon at sunset.
(Via Packaging of the World)