Every Friday we raise a glass to celebrate some of the best new boozy bottles to hit store shelves. This week we’re unfolding our hunched, frozen bodies to gaze up at the full moon—a celestial event that happens to precede Thanksgiving this year. So let’s celebrate by brightening our food-laden tables with rebellious packaging design that reimagines country bumpkin moonshine as cosmopolitan chic glass.

Melbourne Moonshine, by Sense
A design rustic enough for Thanksgiving and elegant enough for your dream bar, this literal interpretation of the moon is best described as “high-end hooch for fancy rebels.” The overall look oozes a contemporary sensibility, balanced by classic details of copper, wood cork, and leather to stay true to moonshine’s organic, earthy feel.
(Via Lovely Package)

Midnight Moon Artist Box, by Device Creative Collaborative
Mason jars might be experiencing a resurgence, but in the world of moonshine the vessel’s hardly novel. That’s why we’re stoked to see this “artist box” break the mold with a fun kit of Prohibition-era relics. Plus, the handwritten type and old-school illustration, evocative of drive-in theaters, has us swooning with nostalgic charm.
(Via Packaging Design Served)

Stranger & Stranger Moonshine, by Stranger & Stranger
Autumnal, intricate, and very special, this design hits all the requirements to join the Thanksgiving spread. Though there’s actually about 500 words on the label, it looks anything but excessive. Perhaps it’s the clean edges of the bottle that give the packaging an aura of being sharp and put together instead of overflowing with unnecessary details. If you want your moonshine to have the ornate class of an antique apothecary bottle, look no further.
(Via The Dieline)

Buck O’Hairen’s Sunshine, by Device Creative Collaborative
Bringing a bottle of wine is so typical for Thanksgiving—so this year we’ll be giving the gift of this stunning moonshine can. Described as a lighter carbonated version of the DIY booze, this slim can brings a hefty dose of sunshine into the dreary season. With bright pops of gold and fanciful type that reminds us of old Westerns, this moonshine effortlessly bridges heritage and modern aesthetics.
(Via The Dieline)