Every Friday we raise a glass to celebrate some of the best new boozy bottles to hit store shelves. This week students are heading back to school, and summer’s starting to feel like a distant fever dream. Let’s get busy soaking up the last rays of summer with a final romp on the beach, a road trip featuring a montage of verdant greenery, and these bright brews and pop art wine.

Loch Ness Brewery, by Thirst
We’ve never been big believers, but we are excited to finally see a crisp and clear shot of the monster that supposedly haunts the depths of Loch Ness waters. The illustration of old Nessie neatly camouflaging against the waves, with the added effect of the vivid hues, and the wordplay on “-ness” all come together for some hearty tongue-in-cheek whimsy, poking fun at the urban legend that’s ultimately nothing more than a trick of the eye.
(Via Oh Beautiful Beer)

The Mount Pleasant Series, by Resonance
Though transitions are rarely smooth, this line of craft beers does the spring-to-fall look right, with bright, happy pastel tones that fold into the rich, deep reds of autumn. The classic type reflects the brew’s historic roots in Vancouver, while the unorthodox flavor profiles serve as a wonderful muse for the equally unorthodox color scheme. Baby blue and cotton-candy purple for beer? Never say never.
(Via The Dieline)

Maquinon 2015, by Estudio Maba
Part comic book and part pop art, this punchy design has us geeking out over bubble letters and vintage treatment. Inspired by the predetermined mascot of a “small smoking robot from the ’60s”—possibly the coolest drinking buddy ever—this spunky wine is bound to keep our autumn blues at bay.
(Via The Dieline)

Pellegrini, by Un Barco
Who says summer should be monopolized by fluorescent hues? We’re dimming the lights and indulging in some warm, dreamy nights with a silk screen-printed illustration. With a few intertwined lines, this bottle evokes hills, a field of wheat, and what could either be twinkly fireflies or a starlit sky (let’s pretend it’s both). A view like this might even worth a couple of mosquito bites.