Every Friday we raise a glass to celebrate some of the best new boozy bottles to hit store shelves. This week, thanks to neverending clouds, rain, and fog, we’re learning to embrace the beauty of an overcast day. The sunny springtime days will come (they will, won’t they?)—’til then, these designs prove that taking a rain check has never looked so good.

Néboa, by Senior Estudi
We’re suckers for strong type, but this foggy overlay imbues this otherwise simple label an air of mystery. By mimicking one of Mother Nature’s most enigmatic phenomenon, the ethereal gradient gives the design unknowable depths, making us want to desperately reach through the mist and actually read the rest of the label.

Miyoshi, by Creative Studio OUWN
A modern treatment for a sake that was created in 1915 could strike some dissonance. But with emphasis on the harmony between the spare ingredients comprising this artisanal liquor, the contemporary, clean aesthetic actually elevates the earthy simplicity of the traditional Japanese drink. Plus, the raindrop is our reminder to savor it ’til the last drop.

Bionic Brew, by Helms Workshop
As an ode to the pluck and fearlessness of this craft brewery, the first in its large village, this packaging is full of life, sass, and neon explosions. Inspired by the Chinese folklore of a mythical golden rabbit, the illustration is literally electric, with a lightening bolt running through the center. As the youth say, “it’s lit.”

Lobizón, by François Mussard
Argentinian mythology about werewolves sounds pretty creepy, but thankfully this wine is more about its “nostalgic campfire story” theme. Remember going camping and then having the stars hidden by shitty weather? Well, this is the silver lining on our current stormy cloud.