Every Friday we raise a glass to celebrate some of the best new boozy bottles to hit store shelves. This week we’re reliving the secret thrill of shaking holiday gifts and trying to deduce what treasures they hold. Good thing these Illuminati-worthy bottles have us wrapped up in scarlet cloaks, falling for bold iconography and witchy glamour.

Rodinò Conti Zecca, by Carosello Lab
Named after the Easter bunny for wine connoisseurs, Rodinò refers to a cloaked figure that secretly delivers top-shelf wine. He’s only a legend, but this bottle, shrouded in mystery and regal scarlet and gold, has us feeling pretty dreamy. Color us believers.

Beerophilia Club, by Molto Bureau
Though wax seals are usually reserved for medieval conspiracies, it’s been beautifully hijacked here by this “gastronomic cult.” Paired with natural materials that give it the flair of ancient scrolls, this decadent yet intentionally nondescript kit for beer lovers has us itching to open each layer—then Instagramming our discoveries.

Italicus, by Stranger & Stranger
The master of dark and moody packaging are back with a magical elixir. The intoxicating bottle, coupled with the ornate topper of marble and gold, has a “death by glamour” vibe that’s got us primed for both a low-light speakeasy and a murder mystery play.

Eros & Psyche, by Beetroot Design
Full disclosure: my favorite childhood movie is Disney’s Fantasia. For those not familiar with the hypnotic, musical animation, let this geometric yet flowing design be a beginner’s guide. And we know the perfect pairing for these bright, primary colored koi fish and cardinals floating amongst an inky backdrop—a poetic and intense classical music.