Every Friday we raise a glass to celebrate some of the best new boozy bottles to hit store shelves. Today we’re toasting innovative designs that prove chic packaging can be born from not-so-chic origins. From pool table wine to scratch-off beer, let’s amp up the inspiration factor to elevate this Friday to a Friyay.

Montetoro Edición Billar, by Javier Garduño
Blame it on the garish colors or the retro stripes, but we hadn’t seen a billiards-themed design that wasn’t all kitsch till now, and from a wine, of all things. By paring down the details and focusing on the bold palette and graphic forms of the numerals, this collection achieves an understated elegance.
(Via Packaging of the World)

Dolina, by Moruba Studio
Though we aren’t ones to turn up our noses at scratch-off tickets, we definitely didn’t think a fancy beer bottle was the best home for the tacky visuals. We happily stand corrected.
(Via Packaging Design Served)

Sin Remitente, by Toro Pinto
If you thought stamp collecting is America’s dullest pastime, think again. This mezcal taps into the forgotten romance of a handwritten letter and has us swooning with its muted, geometric stamps of agave plants. Plus, the gorgeous, artisan feel of the design has us feeling so nostalgic and wanderlust for the state of Durango, Mexico, it’s officially earned the top spot on our travel bucket list.
(Via Packaging of the World)