Who says Mother’s Day should be monopolized by precious florals and pastels? Let’s ditch the clichés and pop open some bottles that showcase mom’s take-no-shit attitude.

Molotov Wishes, by Aktiva
We’re never ones to advocate violence—so this cheeky design that delivers flaming messages of positive vibes is A+ in our book. The illustration by tattoo artist Javi Rodriguez refreshes the signature Moët Champagne label for a look that takes love letters to dangerously rebellious levels.
(Via Packaging of the World)

Bonnie & Clyde, by Pearly Yon
Whether mom is “sharp and fierce” or “wild and sweet,” this line of gorgeous gins has you covered for Mother’s Day gifts. The intricate gold filigree, combined with a bold typeface that’s worthy of permanent body ink, creates a gorgeous combination that proves gun-slinging ‘tude and pretty pastels are a winning match.
(Via Packaging of the World)

Oss Craft Distillery, by KIND
This aquavit is all business in the front, party in the back. Designed to reflect the “Scandinavian mentality” (that oddly reminds us of mom) of a stoic outer shell that protects their inner sweetheart selves, the packaging pust a bold, slate-colored front to emphasize its logo. But the back of the bottle reveals the beautiful swirls of colors that lie within.
(Via The Dieline)

Lazarus Wine, by Baud
Calling a design a “sensory experience” usually seems excessive, but its no exaggeration when applied to this wine. As an ode to its winemaker who is blind, the designers took the unusual tack of eschewing type and letterforms altogether for an entirely braille label. Though it’s an old language, the patterns created by the punched holes look contemporary with its grid-like structure.