Every Friday afternoon we raise a glass with the packaging design experts at The Dieline and celebrate some of the best new boozy bottles to hit the shelves. Today we’re drinking:

Terkelica, by Michal Hazior
The homemade Slovakian spirit brewed from leftover grapes finds a not-so-homespun resting place. The color scheme of the sleek, ceramic bottle may have a “vintage-pottery feel,” but the polished metal cap and whimsical illustration keep it modern. Look closely and you’ll spot dragons, bears, and what appears to be a religious figure in the miniature town.

Birra Levante, by Mister Gatto
“Embodying the clearness but also the tasteful richness” of the beers was the aim here, and we say: mission accomplished. The transparent screen-printed label, inspired by beer’s effervescent bubbles, uses a color-coded system where the “Peptic” golden ale is yellow and the “Dama Bianca” blanche beer is blue. It doesn’t get clearer—literally and metaphorically—than this.

El Gordo Bearded Reserve, by Lewis Communications
Nothing says impact like a fierce luchador. The stout, with a kick of bitter chocolate, roasted malts, raspberry, and vanilla, comes in the same curvy bottle as the brewery’s popular winter seasonal beer, Fatso. But we’re pretty sure El Gordo is all muscle, right?

Public House Wine, by Barrel
Is classy boxed wine an oxymoron? Like it or not, they’re on the upswing and this “high-quality, pretension-free wine” is taking on the challenge with straightforward messaging and bold font choices. We’ll admit the complimentary recyclable cups are definitely an upgrade from plastic red Solos.

Betlem Gastrobar, by Toormix
An unlikely pair—the Bible and a bar in Barcelona—collaborate on this innovative house wine collection. Each varietal is named after one of the Three Wise Men, a clever nod to the bar, Betlem, as in “Bethlehem.” But all jokes about turning water into wine aside, we’re fans of the forward-thinking label, which illustrates each wine’s flavor profile and notes its ideal food pairings. Plus, everyone loves a matching tote.