Every Friday afternoon we raise a glass with the packaging design experts at The Dieline and celebrate some of the best new boozy bottles to hit the shelves. Today we’re drinking:

Brooks Dry Cider, by Tosh Hall
It’s about time the California flag bear got a makeover. The Napa-born cider boldly re-imagines the old icon as modern day “Brooks the Bear,” looking a little less grizzly and a little more whimsical, enjoying the sunny state’s favorite pastimes. But ultimately, the cider is all about its heritage, and the red tagline, “born in California,” stands out against the otherwise stark black-and-white packaging.

Braastad XO Contemporary, by Snøhetta
Cognac typically conjures up visions of a classy smoking room with dim, moody lighting. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but Snøhetta, in conjunction with Norwegian musician and artist Magne Furuholmen, has a brighter, younger, and more modern alternative. Replace the somber black packaging and elegant calligraphy with matte silver, mirrored foil, and “cut out” typography that favors white space and elementary shapes. And voilà, a new era for the old school beverage.


Cookoovaya House Wine, by Chris Trivizas
We’re not sure what owls have to do with wines, but we approve of the poise and grace that the wise bird has inspired here. While the brand name is a bit kooky, the sleek packaging keeps it overly formal with clean and simple typography. The color palette is muted and professional, though a closer look shows that the labels sport embossed figures—a subtle call to an owl’s ability to rotate its head 270 degrees.

L’amitié, by TSMGO
Meet the wine that was literally designed as a gift for a friend. L’amitié, the French word for friendship, is a wine that brings lucky charms and a garnet gem, both perhaps a little too precious on their own, together in a single, surprisingly less-precious graphic. Chalk that up to the interplay between the lucky charms’ rustic, hand-drawn treatment and the garnet’s crisp, clean lines. And remember, friends don’t let friends drink alone, so give us a call.