Every Friday we raise a glass to celebrate some of the best new boozy bottles to hit store shelves. Today we bring you five romantic designs to help you rediscover your inner nature-lover (buried deep, deep inside those winter layers). Let’s drink to November-appropriate earth tones, sans hippie vibes.

Figula Olaszrizling, by Nóra Rohmann and Peltan-Brosz Roland
Think barren branches look sad and forlorn? This wine lets us reimagine them as an intricate array of patterns, waiting to be interpreted as elegant gold foil. While the gold adds a welcome touch of warmth to the stark white wrapping, the clean aesthetic balances the noise of the lovely lace-like lines.
(Via Packaging Design Served)

Super Jay, by PWW
So often minimalist packaging strays toward cold, sparse, and even sterile looks. But PWW added sunny yellows and a subtly speckled paper stock for a design that mixes the clean contemporary look with the autumnal brown-bottle charm of a craft beer.
(Via The Dieline)

Maison Chatou, by Alice Bouchardon
Inspired by the French forest, the three iterations of the design in the collection offer three different faces of autumn: a warmer period when the leaves first start to change, chilly barren branches, then finally the inky night before winter settles in. Though the color scheme and design look cozy, we love that the edgy style of the animals keep it chic instead of kitsch.
(Via Packaging Design of the World)

There are few things that are quite as zen as a koi pond. So let’s take a quiet and introspective happy hour, brought to you by this gorgeous abstract sake label that mimics a stream full of koi fish. Plus, we love the dichotomy of the vibrant coloring and the soothing aesthetic—because who says somber hues should have a monopoly over fall?
(Via Lovely Package)

Tenuta Mora Bassa, by Riccardo Guasco
Hand-drawn illustrations of animals can remind us of children’s picture books, but these geometric illustrations combine elementary shapes for an effortless harmony that appeals to our grown-up taste and sensibilities. Then add the muted, natural tones for an additional a layer of undeniable elegance to the wine that has us primed for hibernation.
(Via Packaging Design Served)