Every Friday afternoon we raise a glass with the packaging design experts at The Dieline and celebrate some of the best new boozy bottles to hit the shelves. Today we’re drinking:

The Alcoholidays, by 1trickpony
We know you’re being bombarded with frilly cards and heart-shaped chocolate. So 1trickpony designed a sassy departure from the usual fluff: a cupid that’s aiming straight for your liver. Embossed with metallic gold arrows and swoon-worthy cursive, the shipping tubes are packed with six “sultry situation enhancers” (for tipsy plane trips). The liquor collection promises the best (or possibly worst) Valentine’s Day ever with anti-cuddly labels, from “morning would” to “dozen long-stemmed tequilas.” Here’s to a romantic Valentine’s Day we won’t remember in the morning.

Seirios, by noon design
If you are planning a romantic dinner, consider this wine with a lofty Greek moniker. We wouldn’t typically recommend a rosé covered with shiny gold stars, but Seirios charmed us by turning to its Greek roots with geometric designs that feel more modern than kitschy. The lacquered black and red triangles balance out the shimmery gold foil for an ancient-deities-meets-art-deco look.

Wilson & Schwartz Small Batch Distillers, by Chad Witzel
You know how you can always spot “serious” designers by their simple, all-black outfits? This Northern Ohio micro-distillery takes a cue from the greats by paring down its packaging and putting the focus on the goods inside. The clean typefaces and clear glass bottles are all about literal and metaphorical transparency, reflecting the “the simple methods and pure ingredients.” Plus, the slim, flask-shaped bottle makes this a stand out on shelves, despite the low-key logo.