Every Friday we raise a glass to celebrate some of the best new boozy bottles to hit store shelves. This week we’re passing on questionable green beer and gimmicky designs. Instead, check out this portable Irish coffee, lush cartographic beer, and soothing green tea wine that prove you can do St. Patty’s Day without compromising your packaging design standards.

Tommyrotter Distillery, by Block Club
ICYMI it’s officially spring—now’s the time to drink under the sun with refreshing, citrus-flavored drinks in hand. And like the little swooping detail in the letter “M,” this gin and vodka packaging adds the extra flair of drama needed to up our al fresco game, with crisp (but not fluorescent) colors and sharp, geometric designs.

Peroni Lab, by Valerio De Luca
In a GPS-dominated world, consider this colorful craft beer as our love letter to cartography and old-school maps. With its contemporary type overlay, we love that this simple can updates vintage charm with a polished, 21st-century treatment. Plus, aren’t these mashed-up names delightfully perplexing?

The Irish Coffee, by Mareks Melecis
We always joke every morning should begin with an Irish coffee (okay, I always joke), but now this portable design makes it dangerously easy to make our dreams a reality. With an ingenious filter built inside the pouch, you have the ingredients for 10-15 (yes, you read that right) glasses of Irish coffee in one box. Hey, if you can make an Old Fashioned on a plane, an Irish coffee on-the-go is bound happen sooner or later.
(Via Packaging of the World)

My World Wine, by Fanakalo
Don’t care for the sloppy antics of loud bars and suspect green beer? We’ve found the perfect companion for the homebody who still wants join in on the revelry: a soothingly chic green tea wine. The beautiful typography and understated yet intricate detailing on the label is classic, without looking dated or frumpy.
(Via Packaging Design Served)