Every Friday we raise a glass to celebrate some of the best new boozy bottles to hit store shelves. Today we’ve rounded up a collection beers that model the trendiest color of spring/summer 2016: the entire freaking rainbow. Why settle for one favorite color when you can marry saturated hues and soft pastels for the ultimate in packaging eye candy?

SAMURAI, by Brobygrafiska
Get ready to take your al fresco drinking game to new heights. Fizzy as soda, but way more chic, this Japanese rice lager’s packaging has us mesmerized with its playful colors and textures. The contemporary take on the camouflage pattern is a look that does everything but quietly blend into the background.

Culebra Cut, by 1 Trick Pony
We have no idea what coconut brown ale tastes like, but we hope it’s as spunky and refreshing as its tropical design, punch-saturated hues, and calming mint green. By cutting the historic portrait of president William Taft with a more “suns out guns out” image (old-timey swimsuit, included), we get a hilarious and dynamic look that is the perfect cabana drink—no tiny umbrella necessary.
(Via The Dieline)


Suiyoubi no Neko Belgian White, by Yoho Brewing Company
Even with an inimitable name like “Wednesday Cat,” this brew didn’t fail to delight us with its pastel blue can. From the land of cat cafés, the modern and quirky illustration channels Japan’s funky cool style in all the right ways. Plus, the peeks of color incorporated into the typeface is a subtle but lovely detail.
(Via Cool Hunting)

Good Chemistry Brewing, by Confederation Studio
Proof that math can be sexy, this oh-so-colorful infographic of flavors is not only beautiful, but accurate. Approachable for both the design-minded and the beer-minded, we love that these bottles are taking the cerebral approach—often applied to wines—to craft beers. If only graphs looked this good in high school.
(Via The Dieline)