Every Friday we raise a glass to celebrate some of the best new boozy bottles to hit store shelves. After a disorienting week of election coverage, the unexpected upset, and subsequent protests erupting on both sides of the aisle, let’s begin the weekend with soothing packaging that channels the comfort of a freshly roasted cuppa, sans caffeine jitters.

Humpty Dumpty Brewery, by Alexander Yaguza
Maybe it’s the balanced type treatment or the no-frills approach, but this contemporary brew is how we’d like to start every Sunday morning. Whether it’s a slow, hangover-battling start or an early (or just boozy) brunch, these warm tones, classic brown bottle, and spunky taglines cover all your bases.

Tinaja Wine, by Estudio Pedro González
Meant to evoke antique clay pots, this traditionally crafted Spanish wine brings to our mind a different kind of handmade, artisan design: latte art. We’re willing to bet this white silkscreen process was just as mesmerizing to watch as a barista conjuring up intricate patterns from a foam-filled mug.

Ruseløkka Microbrewery, by Nicklas Hellborg
Have you ever noticed how coffee tastes better while shivering in bracingly cold temperatures? Well here’s that experience in a bottle, with none of the frostbite. The Norwegian designer brought the full beauty of his hometown into the label, with a crisp, contemporary touch that elevates the “coffee from a thermos” to snowcapped levels.

Fruits of Your Labor Wine, by OCHO Creative
Today’s coffee shops are becoming synonymous with counters crammed with laptops and the vicious fight for the last available electrical outlet. But let’s kick it back to the simpler days by putting a pencil to paper, or rather, pencil to label. Here’s to relishing “the fruit of your labor,” quite literally.