Every Friday we raise a glass to celebrate some of the best new boozy bottles to hit store shelves. This weekend we’re donning our jerseys and grabbing a six-pack to partake in the ultimate American pastime: tailgating. But feel free to leave your koozie at home for this party, thanks to these elegant (and portable) cocktails and contemporary brews. Boozin’ in a parking lot has never looked so good.

Cocktail Kits, by Cody Petts
The only thing better than sipping an Old Fashioned is having one on the road, so imagine our excitement at discovering this ingenious kit that merges the glamour of a cocktail with the portability of a beer bottle. Not only is the premise solid, but the design sports a classic speakeasy vibe with an ornate collection of serif type and shiny foil embellishments. The overall look is a to-go package that doesn’t skimp on the handmade, artisan details that reflect the cocktail’s old-school charm.
(Via The Dieline)

Perintö, by Butcher & Butcher
Though we’re big fans of minimalist, monochromatic packaging, we nonetheless appreciate saturated hues and strategically placed pops of color—like these colorful bottles that say “craft beer” without the kitschy hipster frills. The design artfully balances statement typography with a dynamic stripe of color that adds interest without a lot of competing visuals. Plus, no bottle opener required!
(Via Lovely Package)

Dama Blanca Beer, by Irene Clua
Among competitors’ bright primary colors and loud designs, these matte white bottles are quiet and demure—which prove to be an eye-catching statement of its own. The glass itself, reminiscent of white porcelain or rich paper stock, is a beautiful canvas for the clean graphics and an understated color scheme of gold and black. But the true star is the striking typography that takes center stage with a structured yet flowing look that reminds us of hand-drawn brush strokes.
(Via The Dieline)

Tollbugata8, by Anti
A brewery that was “created for corporate culture” sounds like the last thing we want to drink on our weekend—but this chic and simple design is stunning and, most importantly, doesn’t take itself too seriously. The muted colors might be office appropriate, but the geometric graphics definitely take the somber edge off. The final product is a striking six-pack that looks dark, refined, and sexy, which is exactly what we want to be drinking this weekend.
(Via Packaging Design Served)