Every Friday we raise a glass to celebrate some of the best new boozy bottles to hit store shelves. This week, whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or it’s just another day of good food and company in your life, we’re showing our gratitude the best way we know how this season—with cozy and autumnal packaging design.

SKA, by lg2 boutique
While the rest of the nation is suffering a seasonal obsession with pumpkin-flavored drinks, we’re reveling in a citrus brew that’s in season all year long. Sure it looks like a summer beer—and tastes like one too—but we can all agree that we can always use a bold, graphic look with a splash of sunny inspiration.

Leuk gin, by Pep Bernat Vizcaya
Step aside, super moon. This harvest moon has reignited our love for vintage NASA with a look that’s somehow both futuristic and old-school. Let this contemporary gin remind you fondly of the days when we charted the stars with pencil and compass in hand, staring at the wondrous cosmos swirling above us.

Black Sheep Collection, by Charlotte Fosdike
Every family has a black sheep. But instead of hiding forlornly in a corner, follow the example of these spirits that celebrate the minds that think a little differently than the rest of us. After all, aren’t the qualities that make each of us unique just one more thing to be thankful for? Cheers, you lovely weirdos.

Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey, by Butterfly Cannon
The fall season brings tartan and plaid out of the woodwork, but we would argue the official fabric of fall has to be canvas. Maybe that’s why we’re ogling a chic burlap sack that gives this whiskey a rustic farm vibe. Plus, you can use the bag to smash ice for your drink. As Ellen Lupton once said, “design is art people use.”