Every Friday we raise a glass to celebrate some of the best new boozy bottles to hit store shelves. This week we’re bingeing on our favorite shade of pink ‘cause we’re feeling like Cupid. But let’s take this moment to graduate from Hallmark cards to something more thoughtful—after all, there’s nothing like beautifully designed booze packaging to show you truly care.

Guasa Eva, by Maria Oldecop
Remember back in elementary school when February 14 was a sugar-fueled blur of a day filled with colorful candy and DIY heart-shaped cards? This brew takes the best part of those memories with saturated, high-pigment labels—reminiscent of neon-hued construction paper—then elevates it from the precious charm of sloppy cut-outs to sleek, grown-up polish.

Le Logis Grey Goose, by LINEA
In the modern world of eggplant and peach emojis, it’s nice to occasionally log off and kick it back to some old-school epistolary romances. Though wine usually takes the honor of being shared among lovers, we’d say this vodka’s “sealed” the deal with its vintage look, inspired by scrolls and typewriters.

La Viña Roja, María Hdez
The even dotted landscape of this bottle is both soothing and delightful, a perfect hybrid of graph paper and a polka dot dress. So whatever your evening may call for, this crisp modern type and subtle infusion of pastel pink, is ready—especially for a decadent chocolate pairing, which would match the simple color palette.

Hither & Yon, by Eiko Ojala
Whether you’re celebrating your friends, your significant other, or your love of dark chocolate, there’s always an and when it comes to Valentine’s Day. What better way to toast to that convivial spirit than with our favorite letterform: the ampersand.