Every Friday afternoon we raise a glass with the packaging design experts at The Dieline and celebrate some of the best new boozy bottles to hit the shelves. Today we’re drinking:

Miin Brewery, by ContentFormContext
Who knew ancient maps of Korean villages would inspire modern-day rice wine labels? For “Miin” Brewery, which means “beautiful woman” in Korean, the Joseon Dynasty relics were pared down into sweeping curves to form delicate Kanji characters. The overall look achieved by the typography and simple color scheme is understated, yet somehow regal, and leaves us wishing there was a Korean term for “beautiful bottle.”

Taller, by Hula: Diseño y serigrafía
The screen-printing experts at Spanish studio Hula have taken DIY to new heights with this chic, monochromatic, limited-edition wine. The stencil letterforms are clean and impactful, while the hand-drawn illustrations are delicate and meaningful (the flora and fauna depicted are all endangered species in the La Rioja region). Bonus: you can watch a video of the mesmerizingly simple three-step process to construct the packaging.

Baji Bernadett, by kissmiklos
As a writer I’ve helped edit and format my fair share of cover letters and résumés for friends, but my efforts seriously pale in comparison to Miklos Kissl’s CV-turned-wine-label concept. Kissl’s friend was applying for an open position at a Hungarian wine distributor, and what better way to woo a connoisseur than with elegant packaging? The serif font and the creamy paper are clean and appropriate for a job application, and the information is also organized impeccably. Seriously, Microsoft Word’s got nothing on this.

Good People Brewing Co.
In the latest example of how less is really so much more, Alabama’s largest craft brewery decided to invite their dated beer cans to the 21st century with some bold typography and sharp, clean lines. The simplified versions of the cans retain the same colors as the originals, making them instantly recognizable to fans, while stripping the cans of superfluous touches. As Good People’s co-founder Michael Sellers said, “Continued success requires solid branding.” We couldn’t agree more.