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Psst, have you heard? Eye on Design made a gossip magazine! Eye on Design #03 is packed with stories about how design is shaping the way you communicate—truthfully, salaciously, and otherwise. Buy your copy now, or better yet, subscribe to save on shipping. Issues ship Dec. 5.

Read all about:

  • The most famous designer feuds in history, and how one came to fisticuffs refereed by Michael Bierut.
  • The fascinating way People, America’s biggest celebrity magazine, gets made every week.
  • One designer’s shocking brush with the Pizzagate scandal.
  • Hot takes from five designers on the state of design criticism.
  • The most worrying workplace woes—culled from our anonymous tip line.
  • How suburban housewife gossip fueled the meteoric rise of kitchen mega-brand Tupperware.
  • April Greiman’s radical approach to design—we have the exclusive tell-all interview.

And so. much. more!

Of course, no self-respecting gossip magazine is complete without a little gossip of its own, so every issue of Eye on Design comes with the special mini-mag, “Spotted,” our spin on a dishy tabloid—packed with paparazzi shots, party pages, a peek inside designers’ totes, a very special recipe from Milton Glaser, and other juicy bits.

Eye on Design editors

Design highlights include:

  • Magazine design by Allyn Hughes
  • Newsstand-worthy glossy cover stock
  • 160 pages of premium Mohawk paper
  • Removable mini-gossip magazine, “Spotted”
  • Comic by Raphaelle Macaron
  • Original illustration, photography, and design by Matt Lancaster, Daiana Ruiz, Inkee Wang, Nolwen Cifuentes, Nora Hollstein + more


There’s no two ways about it—we love Eye on Design. The tri-annual magazine published by AIGA presents thoughtful design criticism in a playful editorial package, and this third issue continues the winning formula by focusing on the theme of gossip.” —Stack Magazines

“Another great read… presenting a unique range of stories that match the team’s online publishing program in width and breadth.” —magCulture

Selling out fast: the award-winning #02—the “Psych” issue—in all its DayGlo glory

“My favorite magazine of the year is issue #02 of Eye on Design.”  —Ian Burch, author of Uncovered: Revolutionary Magazine Covers

“A complete and carefully crafted magazine, the stories are crisp and insightful, headlines, intros, and navigation are a friendly invitation for reading, and the magazine manages to surprise.” —Malte Brenneisen and Urs Spindler, Stack Awards judges + founders editorial and design studio Die Brueder

Complete your collection with #01, the “Invisible” issue 

“This all-female team has pulled together an outstanding first issue..” —Stack Magazines

“The editorial conversation swings effortlessly from print to coding to art, addressing the personal and the political as well as both the detailed and the general.” —magCulture


What people are saying about us:

“An ode to the art of physical magazine-making—and a gift to those who love to read them.” —Co.Design

“A crisply designed think tank of articles and essays; more literary journal than design showcase… Serious-minded and beautifully presented. An essential read for anyone interested in design.” —Creative Bloq 

“A beautifully flickable piece of publishing. Eye on Design blends stories together in a manner that defies traditional practice—yet works.” —magCulture

“A fascinating piece of magazine-making… Thoughtful design criticism in a playful editorial package.” —Stack Magazines

“Eye on Design is everything a great magazine should be. It crackles with energy and originality. It rejoices in brilliant paper technology—like the cover’s hollowed-out, all-seeing eye—and it’s a nonstop glorious fireworks display of images and ideas that play with the theme of the issue.”  —Ian Burch, author of Uncovered: Revolutionary Magazine Covers

“[Eye on Design’s] visual identity, with its eye logo and signature peachy-pink have been beautifully translated for the print version.” —Creative Review 

“The editor of this magazine deserves recognition for what she and her team have achieved editorially, but also professionally. Independent magazines are often criticized for not being business savvy, but this magazine should be a role model and serve as inspiration for other magazine makers.” —Steven Gregor,  Stack Awards judge + editor of Gym Class magazine


Where you can grab a copy:

IMS Magazine Store [Stadsfeestzaal]
IMS Magazine Store [Kaasrui]

Tomart Limited (Kubrick) [Hong Kong]

Coffee Table Mags [Hamburg]
Die Brüder [Hamburg]
Do You Readme?! [Berlin]
Gudberg Nerger [Hamburg]
PRO QM Thematische Buchhandlung [Berlin]
Rosa Wolf [Berlin]

Gucci Garden


Nippan IPS [Tokyo]

Papercup Sarl [Beirut]

Manifesto-Associacao [Porto]
Under The Cover [Lisbon]

Basheer Graphics [Singapore]

Chandal [Barcelona]

Papercut [Stockholm]

Multi-Arts Corporation [Taipei]

United Kingdom
Artwords Bookshop [London]
La Biblioteka [Sheffield]
Colours May Vary [Leeds]
Charlotte Street News [London]
Counter-Print [London]
Foyles Bookshop [London]
Good News [London]
Kioskafe [London]
Magalleria [Bath]
Magazine Brighton Ltd [Brighton]
Magazine Heaven [Rushden]
MagCulture [London]
Magma [Manchester, London]
Newsstand [London]
Papersmiths [London]
Rare Mags [Stockport]
Shreeji Newsagents [London]
Stack [London]
Tate Modern [London]
Village Bookstore [Leeds]

United States
A/D/O [Brooklyn]
McNally Jackson [New York]
Order [Brooklyn]
Skylight Books [Los Angeles]

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