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Ana Gómez Bernaus

Ana Gómez Bernaus is a visual adventurer currently based in Los Angeles. Born and raised in Barcelona, she studied graphic design at Elisava School but at that time she was also very drawn to illustration. Barcelona and its Catalan modernism style influenced her early work, creating fascination with the rich organic ornamentation and the details. When she decided to move to New York, she fell in love with typography and her work acquired a more rational and organized flavor. Barcelona brought her a taste for illustration, New York allured her with typography, and now both disciplines live in L.A., with expressive digital lettering. Ana has been awarded with the Type Directors Club Certificate of Typographic Excellence, the Communication Arts Award, Nominated for the 2013 Lürzer’s Archive 200 Best Illustrators worldwide 2013/2014, and the Cinema Eye Honors. Her work has been featured in several books and publications. Her list of clients include Converse, Nike, Trident, State Farm, Kia Motors, Direct TV, and Polk Audio among others.