You already know a lot of the designs in the collectable 2012 tome, Phaidon Archive of Graphic Design, and as a practicing professional or enthusiast that’s no surprise. After all, any self-described “ultimate reference guide” ought to have the requisite NYC Subway Map, Bauhaus posters, Sex Pistols record cover, Nike and Adidas logos, and type specimens for every notable face from Bembo in 1495 to Replica in 2008. But there’s also plenty of work even your Design History 101 professor might be surprised to find here—and if you don’t want to spring for the $100 original box set (so heavy it comes equipped with its own carrying strap), Phaidon is now releasing a more accessible handheld version, Graphic: 500 Designs that Matter. Same stuff, smaller size.

One of the most delightful things about this condensed version, though, are the page spreads that create surprising juxtapositions of designs from various places in the world and points in time, like Swiss Franc banknote from the ’90s and the 15th-century Nuremberg Chronicle, or a book of religious Korean calligraphy from 1377 and Paul Rand’s 1947 Thoughts on Design. Here are seven of our favorites, striking for the tone they strike, despite the decades that divide their original creation dates:

Tournée du Chat Noir poster, by Théophile-Alexandre Steinien (1894) and London Zoo poster by Abram Games (1975)

IdcN (International Design Center, Nagoya) poster, by Koichi Sato (1996) and 5 Finger Hat Die Hand poster, by John Heartfield for the German Communist Party (1928)

Hiroshima Appeals poster by Lusaka Kamekura for the Hiroshima International Cultural Foundation (1983) and NIE! poster by Tadeusz Trepowski for the Polish government (1952)

Whole Earth Catalog: Access to Tools, by Stewart Brand (1968) and London Transport—Keeps London Going poster, by Man Ray (1938)

Folies Bergere—Fleur de Lotus poster by Jules Chéret (1893) and Sinfonia Bolshogo Goroda poster by Georgii Sternberg and Vladimir Stenberg (1928)

Form magazine cover by John Melin and Anders Osterlin (1959) and 21st Quran National Festival for Students of Iran poster by Iman Raad for the Iranian Academic Center for Education, Culture and Research (2006)

Pierre Legrain Binding book cover by Pierre Legrain (1925) and VideoEx poster by Martin Woodtli (2003/2008/2010)