Alex Daly at the Eye on Design conference.

Alex Daly is called The Crowdsourceress for a reason. Daly, the founder of Vann Alexandra, helps prepare, launch, and promote Kickstarter campaigns for a living. It’s a weird niche, to be sure, but her track record speaks for itself with more than $20 million raised for 60-plus campaigns.

You might recognize some of them: Neil Young’s Pono Player, Standards Manual’s NASA reissue, and Joan Didion’s documentary, to name just a few. All this to say, she knows what she’s talking about when it comes to raking in cash on Kickstarter.

During the Eye on Design conference, Daly revealed a few trade secrets. Namely, when to launch (holidays and summer: bad; Tuesdays: good!), how to prepare before launch (get that mailing list ready), and the unglamorous truth that getting your campaign funded takes way more work than you could ever imagine. Check out her talk for more pointers.