Courtesy Grilli Type.
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Name: GT America
Designers: Noël Leu, with Seb McLauchlan
Foundry: Grilli Type
Release Date: October 2016

Back story: “The concept was to design a Gothic typeface with a Swiss mindset,” says Leu. “I really love Gothic type designs, but in my opinion they tend to lack a systematic approach in both details and broad planning of the type family. GT America revisits this genre to build a bridge between American Gothic and Swiss Grotesk design.”

Why’s it called GT America? Like Helvetica, which is named after Switzerland (Helvetica is Latin for Swiss), the name GT America reflects its country of inspiration, the United States, and its rich tradition of Gothic letterforms.

What are its distinguishing characteristics? An incredible range of built-in versatility: GT America consists of 84 styles in 6 widths (including a monospaced), grouped into 6 subfamilies. Stroke ending angles vary across each style for optimal legibility, and tapered stems keep tight corners, such as the counterspace at the top of a capital A, open and bright. GT America’s narrow overall design lends it an economical feel for text setting, and the condensed version allows even greater flexibility in tight spaces.

For a wider, Swiss Grotesk feeling, the extended family comes in handy. For example, all styles contain an alternate lower-case g if you crave more of a Swiss Style look. Both the compressed and expanded versions make for great display typefaces.

What should I use it for? The typeface is meant to be quiet, not overly expressive, to keep it versatile in a variety of applications. It’s particularly useful for complicated corporate identity and branding projects, where a variety of styles is needed. Leu says, “We would really love to see a rebranding of an airline, as we’ve also proposed on our GT America typeface site [which is equal parts fun and informative]. Or maybe if the U.S. government needs a new corporate typeface with a fitting name…” Next president, we hope you’re taking notes.

Who’s it friends with? We put this question to Leu, who replied, “I think you’re asking the wrong guy. It’s outside of my Swiss comfort zone to pair typefaces with one another.” So that’s it. GT America, straight down the ballot.