Don't let bad work experiences happen to good designers.

Now’s your chance to call out bad practices in the design world—anonymously. Complete this online form and tell us your tales of woe. Why? It’ll probably feel great to get it off your chest, but more importantly, the Eye on Design team is researching a story about pervasive work-related problems in the design industry, and we need your help to better understand the kinds of ongoing and unresolved issues that you’re currently dealing with or have experienced recently.

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“I interned for an agency that used my work in a client pitch that later became part of a huge global campaign. I didn’t get a design credit or see a single penny. And I didn’t speak up at the time because I needed a recommendation from my supervisor for my next job.”

“I freelanced for a studio that kept asking me to come in earlier and stay later as we approached a big deadline. I stayed as long as I could, but I have a child and have to come home from time to time to feed it, be a mom, have a life. One night I left the office at 7 p.m. The company replaced me with a childless designer the next week.”

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