Almanac Tropical Galaxy, by DKNG

Every Friday we raise a glass to celebrate some of the best new boozy bottles to hit store shelves. This week we’re having whisky chasers to follow a couple of ice cold beers. Pull up a chair.

Rascals Brewing Company, by Triona O’Donoghue

Here’s a quick can to get this session started; a vibrant collection of pale ales and zesty lagers from Irish brewery, Rascals. “Rascals Brewing Co produces popular beer styles with its own rascally twist,” says the brewery. In an Irish market saturated with quirky illustrative can graphics, the team wanted to speak cheekily, honestly, and directly to the customer, avoiding anything that could be intimidating for those new to the craft scene.

“Rascals is a brand that understands the essence of Dublin people and what they want,” says designer Triona O’Donoghue, and if what they want is loud, no-nonsense packaging design, then they’ve certainly had their needs met.

The Double Single, by Stranger & Stranger

Now a shot of Double Single! Wait, what does that even mean? Surely it’s either a single or a double? Not so with this curious concept whisky. The Double Single is in fact “a blend of single malt and single grain,” both scotch. Which perhaps explains the label design by agency Stranger & Stranger, which has chosen to anthropomorphise the whisky’s component parts into an inebriated frog and toad in danger of plunging headlong into a pond. If that doesn’t neatly summarise the effects of the beverage within then nothing does.

Almanac Tropical Galaxy, by DKNG

Almanac Tropical Galaxy, by DKNG

How do you design for a bizarre, tripped-out beer that’s been aged in oak barrels with mango, lime, and coconut? Why you plaster it with an image of a surfing astronaut bracing to shred the oceans of some distant planet (of course). Or, in marketing parlance; “The name immediately conjured up imagery of 1960s sci-fi wrapped in a tropical vacation.” So proud was DKNG of its label design that it knocked up some screen printed posters in celebration, meticulously finished with some iridescent foil. Voila!

Rockfilter Distillery, by Werner Design Works

“Rockfilter is an organic farm distillery in Spring Grove, Minnesota,” says Werner Design Works of its client. “Rockfilter’s founder and head distiller, Christian Myrah, is a fourth-generation Spring Grove resident whose ancestors helped found the town. Christian raises all the organic grains for Rockfilter’s small batch spirits on his 350-acre family farm.” Doesn’t that warm your heart? Wait, there’s more.

All the bottle labels feature photographs from Myrah’s family history, including one of his great grandparents having a really good chuckle—perhaps having necked a few shots of the local fire water.

Bottoms up!