After scanning the widely divergent work by Brussels-based design studio Bold, it’s not hard to imagine that the founders were once graffiti artists. Poring over their multi-sensory patchwork of projects, all vying for attention with eye-catching patterns and bright colors, creates a sense of chaos that’s almost startling, at least compared to the pared-down aesthetic we’re typically seeing nowadays. But if founders Olivier Gillard and Vincent Losson have learned one thing it’s that they’re really good at creating patterns–so why not keep it up? This knack for pattern design is actually something of a recent revelation, discovered while working for musician Paul Stromae and his creative label, Moseart.

It all started with Stromae’s second album, which goes by the name of “√.” For each song, Stromae asked Bold to come up with a different pattern that he could also spin off in his clothing line. Bold answered with a lyrical interpretation that repeats bold geometric patterns in lush colors. “Working with Stromae and the Mosaert team has been pretty exceptional,” Losson says. “Fashion stylist Coralie Barbier oversaw the vision of both clothing collections, which combine different influences, such as traditional African wax (mostly for the color palette and because of Stromae’s roots), and the impossible figures of M.C. Escher, which offer a modern and mental twist.”

Given the visibility of their work for Stromae, we can only assume (and hope) to see more pattern-rich projects from the boys in Belgium. Losson continues, “This experience has taught us an essential lesson, which is to keep pushing our limits, and to continually evaluate our work. The first idea is rarely the best one,” he says, adding, “We’re still a young studio, and we are guided by our general intuition. We believe that the key is to stay curious about everything.”