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This week I…

…realize that everything that’s both owned by the government and covered in paint gets touched up in one of the 650 regulated colors in Uncle Sam’s own Pantone chip collection, called the Federal Standard 595C. There’s Forest Service Sign Standard Brown, Post Office Light Blue, and DoT Highway Green, though I’m partial to Safety Red. Some entrepreneurial bureaucrat could spin this into a clever nail polish collection, just saying.


…feel like the last one to the party on this bait-clicky listicle that pretty much every one of AIGA’s Facebook fans liked: “20 Things You Should Never Say to a Graphic Designer—but Probably Do.” The no-no list includes: “Can you Photoshop it?” and “Can you do this in lots of different versions?” plus 18 other unfortunate things I hope you’ve never had the misfortune to hear from a client—though you probably have.


…catch up on a slew of font news: Apple drops Helvetica Neue in favor of San Francisco, the first in-house font they’ve designed in almost 20 years; Google Play creates Literata with font maker TypeTogether for its e-reading devices; Monotype stages a three-day font design marathon (some results pictured above); and an innovative new font service called Fontstand launches that lets you try before you buy, making it “easier and cheaper for designers to try a broad range of professionally designed typefaces but also to support the work of independent type foundries.”

…familiarize myself with the postwar Italian graphic design scene with the newly released Made in Italy book that pulls some true gems from the country’s incredible archives to shine a spotlight on its “untapped” heritage.


…don’t make it a habit to buy wine based on the label alone (some of my favorite bottles are sadly lacking in the label department), but that might change with the start of Bare Bottle, a new company that “matches top American design talent with first-rate winemakers from the West Coast.” This California Cab above looks as good as it tastes.


…check out all the events I won’t get to go to during San Francisco design week (June 4-14), like the very fun-sounding lettering and printmaking workshop at Heath Ceramics. Hand lettering and making prints in Heath’s “bright and airy” studio sounds like a pretty wonderful way to spend an afternoon.