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This week I…

…support a book about great-looking books. If any design competition is worthy of a printed catalogue, it’s the annual 50 Books/50 Covers competition, which AIGA launched in 1923. Design Observer is now at the helm, and you can donate to theirKickstarter campaign to get this baby printed. The only question is: can the 50 Books/50 Covers catalogue be a 50 Books/50 Covers contender next year…?




…find out that selling independent magazines online is a lot more complicated than it seems. Six months into Sampler, the new weekly sale of well-designed, often odd, and always high quality indie mags launched by the excellent monthly subscription service, Stack, founder Steve Watson reflects on why it’s so hard to sell the titles everyone is always gushing about.


…experience the power of good poster design online, despite the internet’s knack for sucking the lifeblood out of the form, thanks to the Wonder Room, a new platform that finds dynamic solutions to sharing posters the way the designers intended. GIFs are most definitely involved.

…congratulate design brothers Jody Hudson-Powell and Luke Powell on their new gig as partners at Pentagram London. The lads set up their own studio a decade ago, though Jody has also been the design director at Wolff Olins for the past five years. Together they’ve worked on the identity design for restaurants, visuals for pop stars, and signage for CocaCola’s Beatbox pavilion at the London 2012 Olympics.


…admit to logo-bashing fatigue after the last batch of logos from presidential hopefuls, and offer an exhausted “no comment” on MR_DESIGN’s logo for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics (let’s just say it’s not well-liked; Wired called it “uninspired” and “a hot mess”). But a month after scrapping its plans for Zaha Hadid’s $2 billion stadium, the Olympic committee is now being called plagiarist, in addition to lots of other unprintable words. Turns out the Tokyo Olympic logo looks a whole helluva lot like the logo for Belgium’s Théâtre de Liege. Whoops.

…wish these Mumbai designers who just gave their local cabs a make over would come to NYC give our taxis some TLC. I’d much rather ride through the city in a cab clad in this graphic grey and pink print or a cloudy blue dream than hot, sticky pleather. It might almost even make Taxi TV bearable. Almost.