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This week I…

…bid anyone within traveling distance of Covent Garden to see the Spin 360° exhibition, a retrospective of 20 years of work by game-changing London studio Spin, which has designed some of the most exciting print work in communication design, including books, posters, logos, animation, and identities. Or you can always buy the monograph, published by Unit Editions.

…add “get a haircut” to these 40 travel tips from globetrotting TED staffers. It might seem weird to get your hair cut in a foreign city at a salon you’ve never been to before, but if you’re picky about where you go I promise you can have amazing, intimate conversations with locals you’d never have otherwise—plus stylists usually have good intel on local nightlife.


…can’t imagine I’m the only one who thinks this wriggly, insect-inspired typeface is creepy. Learn from my mistake and don’t watch the writhing tails jump and squirm over your lunch break.

…find a better example of animated typography in Pavel Paratov’s stylish, fun Alquimia typeface.


…would like to remind everyone that emoji guns don’t kill people—people with actual guns do—but that’s not stopping New Yorkers Against Gun Violence from begging everyone to tweet Apple CEO Tim Cook with #DisarmTheiPhone to ask him to remove the symbol from the iPhone’s emoji keyboard, because somehow gun violence is his fault.


…add “Hippie Modernism” to my cache of design terms, via the Walker Art Center’s trippy new show, which includes some great examples of psychedelia, including this trippy poster by pioneering designer Sheila Levrant de Bretteville.

…add a few more titles to my epicly long to-watch list now that the Northern Ireland Design Alliance just made their Anatomy of Design talks available online. There are seven up so far, including Jamie Neely of Monotype and Sarah Drummond of social innovation design agency Snook, but as a writer and editor I’m partial to Mike Reed’s talk on the power of words in design.

…watch the “magic happen” in the pulp slurry at Mohawk’s papermaking facility in this wonderfully nerdy behind-the-scenes video. Admit it, you kinda want to know what a pulp slurry looks like.


…remember when TV Land was all Lucy + Ricky and Laverne + Shirley. I’m not sure I’m ready for “new TV Land,” which is almost all shows I’ve either never heard of or couldn’t care less about. I say this knowing that I’m starting to sound like my curmudgeonly grandad. Damn, how did that happen? Well, old man, this one’s for you:

…can’t believe it’s already been a year since my very first Design Diary entry. If any of you early readers are still following along, my deepest thanks (and sincerest surprise). And to newer readers, we’ve got some exciting things in store for Eye on Design in the coming months. Stay tuned.