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This week I…

…really hope Pantone brings their new pop-up cafe stateside. At the temporary Monaco location (open through September), diners can color-code their lunch with Pantone chips that accompany every item. I’ll take one 15-0543 green juice, and keep the 16-1731 pink eclairs coming, thanks.


…never got into Monument Valley past the initial “Ooh, pretty…” reaction (I’m not much of a gamer), so I’m giving Moodnotes, a well-designed new personal journaling therapy app from the game’s creators, Ustwo, a shot.


…discover and become instantly obsessed with these tape calendars. If I had a cubicle, or even some very short walls around my desk, they’d be covered.


…develop an immediate girl crush on Françoise Mouly after learning that before her current job creating iconic covers for The New Yorker as its art director, she and her husband (and fellow cartoonist) Art Spiegelman started European graphic arts magazine Raw, following her brief stints as a plumber and cigarette vendor in Grand Central. Sounds like my kind of lady.

…consider this fun, colorful collaboration between Handsome Cycles and the Minneapolis Institute of Art the bike-version of the BMW art car series. Local designers and artists took inspiration from works in the museum’s collection, and the results are refreshingly modern, bright, and clever.

…don’t see too many Kindles on my subway ride to work anymore, but I’m glad that those who do prefer tablets can at least see what they’re e-reading, thanks to an update to the proprietary typeface Bookerly which is capable of “amazing” things like “text justification, kerning, drop caps, image positioning, and more.” Watch out, real books.

…want to double my reading list after seeing the new covers Penguin commissioned from contemporary artists for some of its classic titles. These will make perfect long-weekend companions for my upcoming getaway to the green hills of Vermont, where I’ll be all #iwokeuplikethis:

collage by Eugenia Loli