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This week I…

…high five Kickstarter wunderkinds Jesse Reed and Hamish Smyth on surpassing the goal on their campaign to reissue NASA’s Graphics Standards Manual (designed by AIGA Medalist Richard Danne) by, like, a million percent already. Bets as to how much funding they’ll receive by the month’s end?

…congratulate the 16 winners of the Association of Illustrators’ World Illustration Awards 2015 and the 19 winners of the ADC Young Guns 13 (a portfolio-based competition for creative professionals under 30), many of whom we’re pleased to have already featured here on Eye on Design. A huge round of applause and many clinking glasses to you all.

…look forward to the results of the annual Typography & Lettering Awards from Print magazine. If you think you can upstage Lil’Ol’Lady’s YOLO type project, one of three winners from last year’s competition, you have until November 20th to enter.

…confess to feeling zero thrill on the eve of any Apple product unveiling. At this point I sort of just sit back and watch the nerds geek it out online, but I still want to know about new things that exist in the world even if I don’t need to own them. Behold the pencil (the stylus Steve Jobs swore his company would never create), the iPad Pro, Apple TV, and 3D Touch iPhones.

remember Sara Little, a “peripatetic” designer who worked quietly (and ingeniously) behind the scenes at brands like Coca-Cola, Neiman Marcus, Marks & Spencer, Macy’s, Ford, Nissan, Volvo, Pfizer, Elizabeth Arden, and NASA, earning her the title “corporate America’s secret weapon.” How great is this picture of her (from the New York Times) laying out a strange and fantastic-looking dinner table?

Designer Sara Little

…really love when people create public art “exhibitions” all by themselves in underloved spaces in their community, which is just one reason why I’m cheered by Erik Brandt’s Ficciones Typografika project that he’s been curating in his residential Minnesota neighborhood for the past two years. This week he wheatpasted his 1,000th poster.

…get a lesson in persuasion from Saul Bass, who successfully pitched his logo redesign for Bell Telephone (now AT&T) with this great, wonderfully dated (yet admittedly way too long for me) video.

…spent so many hours of my childhood playing Super Mario Bros. that even though I’m not even into app games at this point I had to watch this video with its creators, who reveal the “design secrets” of level one. Prepare to surf some major waves of nostalgia.