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This week I…

…keep abreast on the 9th annual Vienna Design Week, which differs from many other European design festivals in that it’s decidedly cultural and not commercial, so there’s no “sorry, not buying, just looking” burn out and just fun playing with Heidelberg presses and stuff.

…never thought neon green could look so good, but the new Type: New Perspectives in Typography is proving me very, very wrong.

…anticipate the 2016 release of the Design Disruptors doc, which looks at how design makes companies like Airbnb, Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Twitter, and Uber so successful (produced by InVision and directed by Matt D’Avella).

…sincerely wonder what Airbnb is up to next with their latest acquisition: the Russian design studio who created Lapka, the iPhone-connected environmental sensor I was obsessed with when it came out a few years ago (no nearby piece of fruit was spared).

…send everyone I know letters with the new set of notecards from artist and designer Sigrid Calon (see them at the very top of the page). Friends, get ready for some very colorful “just ‘cuz” letters coming your way.

…get pumped for the AIGA Design Conference in New Orleans (it’s finally here!) and prime myself with the myriad travel tips that exist, namely the in-depth look at local creatives designer Wesley Verhoeve is creating over at One of Many. If you’re going, don’t forget to tag your ‘grams and tweets with #AIGAdesign. If you’re not going (womp womp) follow us @AIGAdesign on Twitter and Instagram for the latest. Beignets, here I come.

From One of Many