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This week I…

..certainly don’t need an excuse to pore over the oeuvre of artist Ellsworth Kelly, though his death this week at the age of 92 is as good a time as any to revisit the bright and powerful abstract work by the maestro of color. As far as obits go, New Yorker art critic Peter Schjeldahl’s reflection on his own reluctant appreciation of (and then out-and-out love for) Kelly is heartfelt, and a good primer for anyone not already familiar with his paintings.

…am not a fan of mindless end-of-year round ups (“Our most popular posts!” “What you clicked on most!” Who the hell cares?), but can’t deny that I enjoyed scrolling back through the year in print design via the best from the treasure trove of projects featured on For Print Only and The Art of the Menu.

…already know what 2016 has in store for me thanks to SAL, Wolff Olins’ revelatory app (and the company’s holiday follow up to Higby and SAM), developed with the company’s chief storytelling officer, novelist Mohsin Hamid. Just put on your headphones to enter an immersive, space-like environment, answer a couple of random questions, and then read the resulting story of your future self, generated Mad Libs-style (but way cooler). What’s just around the corner for me, you ask? I found out that I’ll finally escape the daily grind of working at a Martian nut store by selling a silence-recording app to a wolf for a wad of cash. Guess I can safely check that off my list of resolutions, phew.

…queue up an ambitious 2016 reading list (I’m resolving to up the ante from 12 to 20 novels this year) with some help from Bibliofeed, a sort of Instagram-meets-book-club that’s curated daily by ardent readers who recommend only the best, most important books they’ve ever read.

…prepare for what promises to be a radically different year for AIGA. We’ve got a new executive director, a new office in downtown NYC (the ongoing construction actually seems to be coming to an end), and a lot of big, new ideas. Not gonna lie, I’m pretty effing excited. Keep reading and I’ll keep you posted.

Also: a huge THANK YOU to everyone for supporting of Eye on Design in its first year. All those emails, tweets, and Instagram messages you send? I read every single one of them, and I’m legitimately honored to be the eye behind this blog. I can’t wait to share what we have in store for 2016. Let’s cheers to that!